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Hot Knife Foam Cutter

Model: FN101

Innovative Hot Knife Foam Cutter enables easy, fast and waste-free cutting of styrofoam. Moreover, dedicated kit of attachments enable machining of door openings and window openings without needing of prior forming of foam sheets.

The device is ready for use almost immediately after taking out of the box. The total heat-up time is only 1-2 seconds!!!

The technological solution has been applied for patent claim to the Polish Patent Office in April 2010.

Knife handle is made of laminated wood, wood grain material which characterized by very high mechanical strength, resistance to external agents and high temperatures. The cutting element is made of stainless steel, high-grade ceramic and high-resistance material, which heating up to a high temperature enables quick and comfortable cutting of styrofoam.

Blade design ensures durability, rigidity and helps to make straight cuts.

Nóż do cięcia styropianu - model FN101

Hot Knife Foam Cutter kit, includes foam knife, power supply, user manual and case. Information on accessory is available in the ACCESSORY section.

Technical data*:
  • Max cutting lenght: 230 mm,
  • Weight - blade: 1,4 kg, power supply: 3,5 kg,
  • Cord lenght: 4m + 1,5m (power supply cord),
  • Input/Output: 230/10V, 200W,
  • Heat-up time: 1-2 seconds,
  • Warranty: 12/24 miesiące.

* - data may be changed